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    Five Job Factors: Shifting Up Work Experience

    Five Job Factors: Shifting up Work Experience

    Is there anything missing with your job, which keeps you away from being really happy with it? What is it, that would change your job significantly to the better? You might be surprised what is having most influence. Do your personal reality check! There are five job factors, which come to my mind, when considering significant improvements of work experience. This much can be said up front, none of them is derived from a specific role, a superior position in the hierarchy, a decent salary, particular bonuses, or pleasing incentives. Much more, you have to consider hopes and fears, personal abilities to excel, and the comfort in executing a job,…

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    Ingredients for the Vital Organisation

    The Vital Organization

    A vital organization has its own #IDENTITY for growing an understanding of the purpose. A vital organization has objectives driven from a shared #VISION and the collective #MOTIVATION to get there A vital organization considers the possibilities from the #DEMAND, work in #TEAMS, and #BESTPRACTICES A vital organization is about the people and their #CONTRIBUTION, the way #COLLABORATION is working with them, their possibilities to foster #CREATIVITY, and the #SKILLS they develop to address the needs.

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    Out of sight, out of mind? 5 Virtual Team Building Activities

    65% of remote employees report that they never had a team building session. Having co-workers spread across two or more locations is becoming a model more and more organization will have to adapt to. Stop hesitating, but look for ways to cope with co-located colleagues in a better way. Here are some virtual team building activities that make the seemingly impossible task of getting and keeping remote employees bonded and easier to reach. [button url=”https://www.teambonding.com/5-team-bondingtips-for-remote-employees/” target=”_blank” size=”small” icon=”external-link”]Open Article[/button]

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    Teams – the fundament for the agile way

    Teams - the fundament for the agile way

    When we start to become more agile, we start to look at the mindset of people and how they collaborate. We are considering teams to be the fundament for growth and success. Conformity is no objective at all, contribution of individual talents to a group is what we strive for. Where diversity meets collaboration, you can really claim to work the agile way.