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    Tales of Unicorns and Change Makers

    Tales of Unicorns and Change Makers

    For a long while I was chasing unicorns. Change was a wild creature of an amazing purity and grace. Like the horn of a unicorn, change was meant to be antitoxic, even having capabilities to awaken things from death. But I felt like I would never reach a level of expertise, which was of this purity, necessary to get hold of a unicorn. Since then I have learned to accept that unicorns are legendary animals. Becoming a change maker is much more about reality than about pure, visionary thinking, and subject matter expertise: Change can be everywhere

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    An Appreciation for Uncertainty

    Uncertainty is something we try to avoid – whenever possible. We want to know what we need to know, to be able to come up with reliable plans. Plans are supposed to keep deviations away from us, as they could make us struggle. Uncertainty can be seen to impose scepticism, doubt, mistrust. But it is always there and cannot be neglected, so we should anticipate it in favor of more robust plans.