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    The #NoEstimates debate: An unbiased look at the origins, arguments, and thought leaders behind the movement

    There are many points on which Zuill (who first blogged about completing a project sans estimates in 2012) and Kretzman (a strong critic of the #NoEstimates movement and a supporter of the continued use of estimates when effective) actually agree, giving both sides of the debate common ground on which to build a continually better approach to the question that’s being begged: to estimate or not to estimate? Here’s what¬†Malcolm Isaacs found in his search for the truth beyond the hashtag. [button url=”https://techbeacon.com/noestimates-debate-unbiased-look-origins-arguments-thought-leaders-behind-movement” ¬†target=”_blank” size=”small” icon=”external-link”]Open Article[/button]