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    The Year they kill Agile

    Title Photo: The Year they kill Agile

    In 2018 even the last companies tried to jump onto the Agile transformation train. Agile and Digitalization is dominating new titles and people with Agile in their mind became the new heroes. And Agile transformation programs have gained a tremendous momentum and size. At the end of 2019 none of these companies will want to hear about Agile anymore.

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    Who gives purpose to a company?

    People give purpose to a company

    A company is a group of individuals, running a business is giving a mutual purpose to them. Purpose is one key factor for motivated employees (other factors are autonomy and mastery). The first person in a company, the entrepreneur, starts a company from a vision. It provides the initial purpose. As people buy-in into the vision, the company grows.

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    Ingredients for the Vital Organisation

    The Vital Organization

    A vital organization has its own #IDENTITY for growing an understanding of the purpose. A vital organization has objectives driven from a shared #VISION and the collective #MOTIVATION to get there A vital organization considers the possibilities from the #DEMAND, work in #TEAMS, and #BESTPRACTICES A vital organization is about the people and their #CONTRIBUTION, the way #COLLABORATION is working with them, their possibilities to foster #CREATIVITY, and the #SKILLS they develop to address the needs.

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    Deviations in motivators for an agile transition

    When I was starting with agile teams many years ago, my main motivation has been to create more robust delivery processes. When I was looking at the findings, I was realizing, that I was not able to drive change by myself, so my motivation changed to empower the people in the teams to take actions on themselves. Now I realize, that my motivation has to be to foster a joint understanding of values and create room for the teams to take actions. Agile tools belong to the teams and not to me.