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    The Year they kill Agile

    Title Photo: The Year they kill Agile

    In 2018 even the last companies tried to jump onto the Agile transformation train. Agile and Digitalization is dominating new titles and people with Agile in their mind became the new heroes. And Agile transformation programs have gained a tremendous momentum and size. At the end of 2019 none of these companies will want to hear about Agile anymore.

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    What is Agile? – from Structure to Mindset

    What is Agile?

    Tools and processes stand in the middle of agile history. But over time it turned out that there is much more about agile. Today agile is to be seen as instrument for a learning organisation, which requires practices, principles, values, and in the end the right mindset of everyone working in an agile organization. from https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-agile-simon-powers/

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    Teams – the fundament for the agile way

    Teams - the fundament for the agile way

    When we start to become more agile, we start to look at the mindset of people and how they collaborate. We are considering teams to be the fundament for growth and success. Conformity is no objective at all, contribution of individual talents to a group is what we strive for. Where diversity meets collaboration, you can really claim to work the agile way.