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  • Oh. Oh. Oh. It's Magic! Changing Organizations

    My Meetup Group: Oh. Oh. Oh. It’s Magic – Changing Organizations

    Not only telling, but real involvement is the objective of my personal Meetup group in Munich. Changing organizations can be seen from a business perspective, but also from a personal point of view. Involvement and development come hand-in-hand and ask for experimentation and surprising changes of perspective. Often it looks like magic: Oh. Oh. Oh. It’s Magic – Changing Organizations Working for the best company in the world? Not yet? Then it’s about time to start changing! The agile movement has taught us one thing: there is no catch all solution, no toolset for implementing the best organization. It is all about company culture and mindset. It is about us.…

  • About Becoming Better
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    About Becoming Better

    You don’t know when you will fail until you got there. Often it is quite easy to understand, when we have become better. We feel that we are successful in doing something. Problems are solved or procedures make sense to us. But, looking at the results does not really describe how we got there. Would we be able to reproduce the process and become better in other areas doing the same again? Obviously it would be great if we would know upfront what it takes exactly to become better, as we could plan for it much more efficiently. Reading many books, practicing things we have learned, literally taking any arbitrary…