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    Diversity of Minds – Knowing Better

    Diversity Minds - Knowing Better

    We do not know better.
    We know differently.
    Sometimes we know more
    and sometimes we know less.
    But, we never know all.

    Inherently we know, we need each other.
    Sometimes we just forget about it.
    We do not know better.

    Harald Dietrich

    Effective collaboration asks for balanced contribution of everyone. Also, it requires a high degree of acceptance, that we do not know things better than others. The things we know are based on our own experiences and our own way of thinking. But, there is a limit to our experiences, which never allows a diversity of…

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    Why Diverse Teams Are Smarter

    Diverse Teams

    In recent years a body of research has revealed another, more nuanced benefit of workplace diversity: nonhomogenous teams are simply smarter. Working with people who are different from you may challenge your brain to overcome its stale ways of thinking and sharpen its performance. Let’s dig into why diverse teams are smarter. [button url=”https://hbr.org/2016/11/why-diverse-teams-are-smarter”  target=”_blank” size=”small”…