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    A typical Communication Issue

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    The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place

    Bernard Shaw

    Knowing is not telling. Major communication issue in our day to day interactions is the things "we" already know. Either it makes us bad listeners or it we simply assume, we have shared our knowledge with others already. Especially the assumption, that we have told others about what we have on our mind, is a reliable source of fierce disputes.

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    Out of sight, out of mind? 5 Virtual Team Building Activities

    65% of remote employees report that they never had a team building session. Having co-workers spread across two or more locations is becoming a model more and more organization will have to adapt to. Stop hesitating, but look for ways to cope with co-located colleagues in a better way. Here are some virtual team building activities that make the seemingly impossible task of getting and keeping remote employees bonded and easier to reach. [button url=”https://www.teambonding.com/5-team-bondingtips-for-remote-employees/” target=”_blank” size=”small” icon=”external-link”]Open Article[/button]

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    Free Agile! Essential Reads

    Free Agile! Library - Essential Reads

    Everyone has different reading habits and preferred writing styles. Even though, it is remarkable, that for each of us it takes only a hand full of books, when it gets back to citations and argues on best practices and approaches. These books are our treasure chest. While the list of publications is growing at a furios speed, many of the arguments seem to be repeating and interchangeable. Sure, there are few new publications, which will make it into our lists in the future. Though, this will not change the importance of the already listed books. It is worthwhile sharing these lists. This is the compendium of my essential reads: Daniel…