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    A Practical Journey to Communities of Practice

    Communities of Practice

    A while ago I have been asking the community at Agile Uprising for some hints on how to setup communities of practice. I felt like I would need some support. I had a rough idea what I would want to achieve by establishing communities, but I was lacking the idea how to get there. The attention to the request was really good and I received a lot of hints all around the topic. Anyhow, they left me with the feeling, that I would have to take action to run experiments. I had to learn and find out by myself how communities of practice would work best for me. I did…

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    Out of sight, out of mind? 5 Virtual Team Building Activities

    65% of remote employees report that they never had a team building session. Having co-workers spread across two or more locations is becoming a model more and more organization will have to adapt to. Stop hesitating, but look for ways to cope with co-located colleagues in a better way. Here are some virtual team building activities that make the seemingly impossible task of getting and keeping remote employees bonded and easier to reach. [button url=”https://www.teambonding.com/5-team-bondingtips-for-remote-employees/” target=”_blank” size=”small” icon=”external-link”]Open Article[/button]