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    Agile Organizational Transformation – Mind the People

    Agile Organization - Mind the People

    When talking about agile and agility, we should not forget that we are talking a lot about culture, values, and identity. Irrespective if we start an agile transition from top to bottom or from bottom to top, we need to understand that we have to take a lot of people with us. For many it is a big adventure, as their system, which helped them to achieve stability and reliance is questioned to some degree. We ask them to trust people, with whom they probably never have worked with and where they are lacking a fundamental understanding of their needs and objectives. Learning by Doing I am trying to foster…

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    Free Agile! Essential Reads

    Free Agile! Library - Essential Reads

    Everyone has different reading habits and preferred writing styles. Even though, it is remarkable, that for each of us it takes only a hand full of books, when it gets back to citations and argues on best practices and approaches. These books are our treasure chest. While the list of publications is growing at a furios speed, many of the arguments seem to be repeating and interchangeable. Sure, there are few new publications, which will make it into our lists in the future. Though, this will not change the importance of the already listed books. It is worthwhile sharing these lists. This is the compendium of my essential reads: Daniel…

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    Deviations in motivators for an agile transition

    When I was starting with agile teams many years ago, my main motivation has been to create more robust delivery processes. When I was looking at the findings, I was realizing, that I was not able to drive change by myself, so my motivation changed to empower the people in the teams to take actions on themselves. Now I realize, that my motivation has to be to foster a joint understanding of values and create room for the teams to take actions. Agile tools belong to the teams and not to me.