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    What is Agile? – from Structure to Mindset

    What is Agile?

    Tools and processes stand in the middle of agile history. But over time it turned out that there is much more about agile. Today agile is to be seen as instrument for a learning organisation, which requires practices, principles, values, and in the end the right mindset of everyone working in an agile organization. from https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-agile-simon-powers/

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    Stacey Matrix – adapted to software development

    Stacey Matrix - adapted to software development

    “The Stacey Matrix was developed to help managers determine the complexity of their environment and adapt their style of decision-making. For software development, the Matrix is often plotted along different axes; ‘Requirements’ and ‘Implementation’ (or ‘Technology’). The former is determined by the obviousness to which we know what we need to build (like the product) and what features to implement (‘What?’), whereas the latter is determined by the obviousness of what is needed to get there on in terms of implementation/technology (‘How?’). It should be noted that this adaptation does not really fit with Stacey’s original Matrix. But it does offer a similar conceptual approach to understand complexity within the…

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    The history and future of management

    “Many organisations today are run according to management principles which are 50 to 100 years old. These methods are not appropriate to the fluid and fast-paced world we live in, but many organisations are struggling to change. This article tells about the history and future of management theory, so we can understand where we are, how we got here and where we can go.”

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    Just say #no____ the alternative path to enterprise agility

    “The Kanban Method & Enterprise Services Planning have, for a decade, offered an alternative to Agile methodologies for improving business agility across professional services organizations employing thousands of knowledge workers. This key note highlights why Kanban is the least disruptive approach to agility but the most radical alternative to Agile.” #noRevolutionaryChange #noEstimates #noIterations #noPlanning #noPrioritization #noBacklogGrooming #noDependencyManagement #noCrossFunctionalTeams

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    My 90 minutes agile training

    Yesterday evening I was conducting a 90 minutes agile training. It has been the first for a while now. It has been a practice oriented training, and it has been very comprehensive and demanding, but I have learned a lot. That’s why I want to tell a bit about my experience.