Free Agile! Community is a space for the growing community of people engaging in agile transformation and how it can be taken beyond the standards defined by agile methodologies.

My name is Harald Dietrich and I am Head of Development in an international consulting and software organization with headquarter in Munich, Germany. A while ago I started to see a competitive advantage in working with team members from various locations and with different nationalities.

“The stance of a community being agnostic to culture and location is contributing to a particular, agile mindset, which is a guarantee for decent robustness towards any kind of change.”

Valuation of the power of the teams and their skills for me comes in first place today. With a background in software development and architecture as well as product owner, I have tried to create a special sense for the needs of development teams. I am making use of my experiences to break up settled patterns on a regular basis and make change and renewal a source of strength.

An agile mindset is the essential aspects of a learning organization today. While I can see and understand many of the difficulties in setting the foundation for agile teams in learning organizations, I have started to note down my ideas and experiences, collected links and quotes in the topic. I have created the Free Agile! Community site to share them with colleagues, friends, and other open minded people in the world wide agile web now.