Working Agile is no decision. It is a consequence.

Working Agile is no decision. It is a consequence.

Harald Dietrich
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Working Agile is no decision. It is a consequence.

Agile Frameworks are not made for taking decisions. They are made to provide guidance, how to cope adequately with consequences. Decisions have to be in place upfront.

Agile Frameworks deliver procedures, roles, rituals, formats, principles, and tools. They do not improve quality, speed, satisfaction, collaboration, flexibility, risk management, and alignment by itself. This is a decisions your need to follow up for yourself.

Every Agile Framework provide a blueprint, how things can work out better. It still needs to be adapted to fit the situation to get the best out of it. First most people need to understand the objective, before they can adapt to the rules.

Whenever you try to implement an Agile Framework without having people understanding the objectives, you are doomed to fail. Follow ups need to happen on the objectives and not on the completeness of the implementation of a framework.

Agile Coaches are persons, which are able to connect people with the understanding why Agile Frameworks will help to achieve performance and satisfaction objectives. This is a tremendously important role and never must be mistaken with the need to have trainers for Agile Procedures. While the training can be part of the understanding, it never can replace understanding.

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