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    Learning from a Penguin – Leave the rock and start to swim

    A penguin is considered to be a clumsy, stodgy animal when placed on a rock in a zoo. But if it jumps into the water, it becomes one of the most amazing, economic swimmers you can find amongst all animals. There is a tremendous power in diversity and the contribution of people, which can work in an environment, which emphasizes their strengths. So do we really want to continue wasting time on mitigating weaknesses?

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    We need more people who take care for the HOW

    Title Photo - Woman on a stand searching for something further away

    I am an engineer and I am working in the software industry for many years now. Nowadays I take care for people - developers, team leaders, but even many more employees involved in running a successful business. I try to be a servant leader, who works with the people. Decisions are taken with the people and not for the people. Thereby, my profession has become coaching and mentoring rather than engineering.