Oh. Oh. Oh. It's Magic! Changing Organizations
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Oh. Oh. Oh. It’s Magic – Changing Organizations

Not only telling, but real involvement is the objective of my personal Meetup group in Munich. Changing organizations can be seen from a business perspective, but also from a personal point of view. Involvement and development come hand-in-hand and ask for experimentation and surprising changes of perspective. Often it looks like magic:

Oh. Oh. Oh. It’s Magic – Changing Organizations

Working for the best company in the world? Not yet? Then it’s about time to start changing!

The agile movement has taught us one thing: there is no catch all solution, no toolset for implementing the best organization. It is all about company culture and mindset. It is about us.

And we? We find thousands of books and trainings, certificates and brilliant talks, which tell us what to do. Still, most of us fail to implement that safe environment with the crisp, inspiring vision, which we would expect from the best company in the world.

Those, who managed to get there, tell about a variety of techniques and methods, which drove the change – often complemented by a lot of frustration and fails – just to get to the point, where at a sudden it magically worked out.

While some look for tools, we agree that many of the relevant things have been said or written by others already. We do not neglect these tools, but we will not make them the starting point for discussions on solutions. We will be in pursuit of magic.

Let’s take an attempt to determine the space where the magic is happening. Instead of demystifying the magic, we want to grow the space.

Prepare your wand and dress your robe when we create the space, where we will form the best companies in the world.

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