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10 Components for a Successful Self-Management Transformation

What are the ingredients for a successful self-management transformation? K2K Emocionado has successfully transformed 70 organizations. In a guest post at Corporate Rebels, Lisa Gill takes a closer look at them and how they do it.

Initially for a period of three years , K2K has radically changed organisational structure. They eliminated managers, controls, and privileges, and implemented transparency, shared responsibility, and profit-sharing.

10 essential components

  1. transparency
  2. no hierarchy
  3. teams
  4. no privileges
  5. salary balance
  6. no controls
  7. measure & track
  8. shared decision-making
  9. no layoffs
  10. profit share

If you like to read more about it, have a look at the article at Corporate Rebels.

Sketch by Andy de Vale.

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