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Planning a Hackathon? Read what others do

More and more companies plan to make use of hackathon. They want to bring innovation and hidden talents to their organization. Too compelling are the various success stories, which are telling about fabulous results. They are delivered by people, who invest a small amount of their time into an inspiring challenge. The return on invest is a bet, but it seems to pay off – at least for those who are telling these stories.

Basic for planning a hackathon

Irrespective of doing an internal hackathon with own employee or a public hackathon, it requires accurate planning. Context, facilities, objectives, incentives, and communication needs to create a fundament for a successful event.

Quite often the planning of a hackathon becomes a tedious task. The attempt to create a consistent story, which is in line with the vision of the organization, becomes a major venture. All of those, who have invested a great amount of time into planning a hackathon, just to find out that it did not really work out, can tell about these challenges.

The article “Hackathon Projects by Big Companies: Foursquare, Paypal, Banco Sabadell” takes a look at the facilitation of hackathons and the approaches of big, international players. This makes this article a good reference for anyone planning a hackathon.

Do you have own experiences with planning and running a hackathon? Or do you know some great resources all around hackathons? Please leave a comment!

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