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Stopping the Enterprise Death Spiral with Mob Programming

“Let’s say you are at a company with 10 people; price’s law states that approximately 3 people will be responsible for half of the productivity of value. Scale that out to 100 and now it’s 10 people who are responsible for half the productivity of value. Now scale that to 10,000 and you have 100 people responsible for half the productivity of value.”

A finding that goes hand-in-hand with many examples of Pareto Distribution (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareto_distribution).

So what to do about it? Give power to small teams! Develop cross functionality, build in quality from the beginning, and increase competency and team performance. Mob programming is an agile practice, which can help to achieve this. It can change team dynamics drastically and not only grow skillsets but increase competency as well.

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