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Prioritizing product features using the Kano model

One of the challenges product teams encounter, is how to decide which features should be included in their products. Identifying the user needs, helps teams to focus on what a product should deliver to address a certain type of user. In time, teams develop many ideas on how to address these needs. The Kano model (proposed in the 80s by Noriaki Kano) offers a way to differentiate these features by focusing on customer satisfaction.

This article provides an alternative approach using the Kano model to answer the question: “Which features should be included in the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

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  • Mathieu

    I’ve recently used the Kano model to help a corporate client prioritize features for their customer portal. The results were an eye opener: things we thought we had to build (but were expensive) turned out to be not interesting at all for the end-customer, while other things we thought customers would never want were actual delighters.

    Of course, we followed up with interviews to make sure the results were correct. The interviews showed that the data was correct.

    So the client saved a lot of time and money while providing more value to its customers.

    I did spend a lot of time with the survey and its analysis and to scratch that itch I created https://www.kanochart.com to help myself and people like me with setting up surveys fast and doing the analysis automatically. I hope it turns out as useful to you as it does to me!

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