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At the heart of a learning organization is a shift of mind – from seeing ourselves as separate from the world to connected to the world, from seeing problems as caused by someone or something “out there” to seeing how our own actions create the problems we experience.

Peter M. Senge (The fifth discipline)
Woman in crowd holding shiled "We are better than this"

Autonomy, self-direction, self-management, self-organization are great goals. But you can’t force people into that either.
Therefore, the primarily role of an Agile leader in an Agile organization is to empathize with what people need in the current context and help them grow.

Mike Beedle
Computer screen of a participant of a hackathon

Planning a Hackathon? Read what Foursquare, Paypal, Banco Sabadell and others do


More and more companies plan to make use of hackathon. They want to bring innovation and hidden talents to their organization. Too compelling are the various success stories, which are telling about fabulous results. They are delivered by people, who invest a small amount of their time into an inspiring [continue…]

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

George Bernard Shaw
Cross-Functional Teams ask for Cross-Functional People

Cross-Functional People

Article, Teams

We must get away from the idea people are silos. Just because people are experts, they must not do it all alone. Cross-functional teams require cross-functional people, who are able to contribute critical questions beyond their core expertise. It is the key to focus and robustness. Subject matter experts are [continue…]

every employee must be #honest,
every leader must be #humble,
every attitude must be #human,
and an organization will be #healthy

Harald Dietrich

A Discussion on SAFe / LeSS / Nexus / Spotify at al.


Lot’s of discussions are going on in the internet on possibilities to scale agile. There are various frameworks, which are gaining more and more popularity. The link above points to one of the discussions at Agile Uprising on the topic. It is worthwhile reading, as subject matters experts, including matured [continue…]