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    Five Job Factors: Shifting Up Work Experience

    Five Job Factors: Shifting up Work Experience

    Is there anything missing with your job, which keeps you away from being really happy with it? What is it, that would change your job significantly to the better? You might be surprised what is having most influence. Do your personal reality check! There are five job factors, which come to my mind, when considering significant improvements of work experience. This much can be said up front, none of them is derived from a specific role, a superior position in the hierarchy, a decent salary, particular bonuses, or pleasing incentives. Much more, you have to consider hopes and fears, personal abilities to excel, and the comfort in executing a job,…

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    The Year they kill Agile

    Title Photo: The Year they kill Agile

    In 2018 even the last companies tried to jump onto the Agile transformation train. Agile and Digitalization is dominating new titles and people with Agile in their mind became the new heroes. And Agile transformation programs have gained a tremendous momentum and size. At the end of 2019 none of these companies will want to hear about Agile anymore.

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    Learning from a Penguin – Leave the rock and start to swim

    A penguin is considered to be a clumsy, stodgy animal when placed on a rock in a zoo. But if it jumps into the water, it becomes one of the most amazing, economic swimmers you can find amongst all animals. There is a tremendous power in diversity and the contribution of people, which can work in an environment, which emphasizes their strengths. So do we really want to continue wasting time on mitigating weaknesses?

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    We need more people who take care for the HOW

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    I am an engineer and I am working in the software industry for many years now. Nowadays I take care for people - developers, team leaders, but even many more employees involved in running a successful business. I try to be a servant leader, who works with the people. Decisions are taken with the people and not for the people. Thereby, my profession has become coaching and mentoring rather than engineering.

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    Tales of Unicorns and Change Makers

    Tales of Unicorns and Change Makers

    For a long while I was chasing unicorns. Change was a wild creature of an amazing purity and grace. Like the horn of a unicorn, change was meant to be antitoxic, even having capabilities to awaken things from death. But I felt like I would never reach a level of expertise, which was of this purity, necessary to get hold of a unicorn. Since then I have learned to accept that unicorns are legendary animals. Becoming a change maker is much more about reality than about pure, visionary thinking, and subject matter expertise: Change can be everywhere

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    Who gives purpose to a company?

    People give purpose to a company

    A company is a group of individuals, running a business is giving a mutual purpose to them. Purpose is one key factor for motivated employees (other factors are autonomy and mastery). The first person in a company, the entrepreneur, starts a company from a vision. It provides the initial purpose. As people buy-in into the vision, the company grows.

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    The primary role of an Agile leader

    Woman in crowd holding shiled "We are better than this"

    Autonomy, self-direction, self-management, self-organization are great goals. But you can’t force people into that either.
    Therefore, the primarily role of an Agile leader in an Agile organization is to empathize with what people need in the current context and help them grow.

    Mike Beedle

    Wise words about leadership by Mike Beedle.

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    Planning a Hackathon? Read what others do

    Computer screen of a participant of a hackathon

    More and more companies plan to make use of hackathon. They want to bring innovation and hidden talents to their organization. Too compelling are the various success stories, which are telling about fabulous results. They are delivered by people, who invest a small amount of their time into an inspiring challenge. The return on invest is a bet, but it seems to pay off - at least for those who are telling these stories.

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    A typical Communication Issue

    Quote Background

    The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place

    Bernard Shaw

    Knowing is not telling. Major communication issue in our day to day interactions is the things "we" already know. Either it makes us bad listeners or it we simply assume, we have shared our knowledge with others already. Especially the assumption, that we have told others about what we have on our mind, is a reliable source of fierce disputes.

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    Cynefin Lego Game

    Cynefin Lego Game

    The Cynefin framework is used to help decision makers to understand the domain, they are operating in. It offers four contexts: simple, complicated, complex, chaotic, and disorder. They offer a "sense of place" from which to analyze behavior and decide how to act in similar situations. In general it is important to know what type of system you are dealing with. Playing the Cynefin Lego Game shows you how to decode what is happening in terms of organisational structures and communication in that specific system.